Concrete Finishes

Stamped Concrete
Seamless Stamped Texture - Seamless Texture is a feathered Stamped Concrete edge stamp, with a texture. These stamps can simply overlap each other for a textured finish without seams.

A Pattered Stamp could be a number of patterns – random stone, cobblestone, brick, or wood plank – to name a few. They are made to fit together in tight precision.

Float and Trowel Finishes
Patterns can Float and Trowelbe made on the concrete, such as swirls, or different size arcs. The texture created can be coarse, medium, or smooth depending on the tool used to impart the pattern. Wood floats create coarser textures. Aluminum floats or steel trowels create medium or smooth finishes.

Broom FinishesFloat and Trowel
Broom finishes can be light broom or coarse depending on the bristles of the broom you choose. This is not a fancy finish but provides a non-slip surface.

Rock Salt Finishes
Rock Salt Finish Water softener salt crystals 1/8" to 3/8" in size are broadcast onto the fresh concrete. A roller is then used to press the salt crystals into the concrete. The surface is later washed, dissolving the salt and leaving small holes.

We handle all concrete finishes; broom, hard trowel, salt, stamped texture skins , stamped patterns, custom stamped patterns, border art, NewLook, acid stain, and many more!

Vertical or horizontal, there is no job to big or small!

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